• Consultation
  • Site structuring
  • Content management
  • Standards-compliant HTML / CSS
  • Graphic Design
  • Podcast Production (audio and video)
  • Legacy application integration
  • Multimedia Development
  • Audio file editing
  • Web Scripting/Programming (Cold Fusion, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP)
  • Web Application Development
  • Database Integration
  • E-Commerce (shopping carts / secure online transactions)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Site marketing and search engine placement
  • Training

WebCastle Productions does not build "cookie cutter" sites.

Before the first piece of code is written, we spend time with you going over short term and long term goals for the site. We discuss in detail all options available for meeting certain goals, and choose technologies basedon budget requirements.

You will know up front what you will have when the work is complete and where you can expect to go from there.

All of our proposals are modular, our rates are competetive, and all sites are constructed with future maintenance and additions in mind.

We know the entire process - starting with deciding what you want your domain name to be through training your in-house Web site manager. We can take care of all the details for you, but we prefer to walk you through it. This is not an ancient secret - you should know what you are paying for and where your money goes.